Bitcoin Trading

Bitance is a trusted platform for trading Bitcoins. The exchange provides fast order execution, low spread, and access to high liquidity orderbook for top currency pairs on the market. Cross-platform trading is realised via website, mobile app, and several API solutions. Safety of assets and data are backed by high security standards and advanced legal compliance.

To start trading on Bitance, follow the steps:

Sign up with Bitance

It will take you only a few steps to register and get an account on Bitance Bitcoin exchange.

Deposit funds

Fund account to buy bitcoins using electronic wallets, buy bitcoins translation from Blockchain and all kinds of exchanges.

Start trading

Trade Bitcoin via our application, mobile app or using automated trading solutions.


Bitance exchange charges variable commissions of 0% to 0.2%, depending on the trading pair. Special conditions are discussable for high-volume traders. Volume-based trade fees are coming soon.

Bitance API

Bitance provides several API solutions for automated trading based on needs of individuals and institutions. REST API is a basic tool for quick access to Bitance market data and automated trade management. WebSocket API with full trading functionality is mainly used by professional traders. Finally, FIX API is the best solution for institutional traders to connect trading systems to a source of Bitcoin liquidity.

Key Advantages

  • safe cryptocurrency cold storage and financial viability
  • high liquidity orderbook and low spread
  • advanced order-matching algorithms
  • cross-platform trading via website, mobile app and API
  • easy deposits and guaranteed withdrawals
  • advanced and transparent reporting
  • professional 24/7 support team
Kannady: #1 to #20
Aktigen: KngHil, maybe he's drunk when he said that
Enursin47: but everybody used to love that guy and he y pimped good
Udemiqy: go go go Pony
Xuwyj: bahasaket, pony 100 sat for sure with the extr 2% daily, for sure it will be in profit at one stage
Icagiwo: yeehaw!
Aktigen: my pony is racing ahead of time ;)
Godliness: go go go pony to 1 sat
kittytawdry: UltraMod, gogogogogggoogggoo lol morning
kittytawdry: pony 5
Xuwyj: goooo
Kenobi: diegolebe, 5 wins yea
Yolohugecr4ftrxD: 8888888888 goo
Kannady: fifth pony will win, only number 5
alba <3: 444444 gogogogo
AME AME: #5 #5 #5 #5
pinchtawdry: 444444444
Udemiqy: 222222222222222222222222222
cdanskerDinghy: pony #3 gogo pony#3
Celebrated Nature: 1111111111
Animated: 3 in the clear
Ajizy: 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
Rosahefa: pony #8 go go go
Asuna Yuki: ***PRO TIPZZZZZ***
Mockkk: х20 мои)
Sporkha 2002: спасибо)
editen ashino: LizaBitcoin, congrats+
Par Potter: omg wow grats
Qwner: now pump yoda
Commander: man super strong selling pressure today lol
Psocy h3110 nytyk: ayooo pump alisa
Cislunar: yoda i love
Enursin47: coronavirus afected yoda
Ajizy: new ieo ?
Ryqyker: diegolebe, jjajajaja
Fl3x1e: alexbidel, they did not buyback pony since many weeks now
JJJ: i just check this time
Bugaboo: Looks like you should dump then.
cloudtawdry: alexbidel, which puts you in a very terrible spot
Euphoric: Solomando, +12
alba <3: alexbidel, yeah but we have you still buying
Juice: alexbidel, if, them rather from you
Jumek: KngHil, yes, this 0.005 btc weekly made me terrible lol
Liripoop: yoda buy sell stop
Doofus: KngHil, he is lazy to press Buy button
Doofus: alexbidel, pony cap might just become 3 billion lol
FmpectionKvetch: all in all , blacksmith is a terrible admin, does not care enough about Yo even, and his promis about listing other tokens..
kittytawdry: we should seriously look for better admin
Doofus: alexbidel, Make a doodle
Xuwyj: yoda sell me your pain
atheelea: Btw a lot of good support in alisa right now
Qidem: alexbidel, nice.. I guess he's like.. see you in doge pony whale!
Ixotimal: KngHil, so in that case, its a big failure for , not me ;)
Skymurai Bosh: Buy YODA
Dizojo: YODA is starting the daily dump, fantasting trading :)
Higygali: is yoda still alive ?
enered: ok.. I'm going to sleep now
Ahipunyc: good news with WOW to 1000 Sat again Go Go
Hijomih56456: Very easy Go
cloudtawdry: YODA please dump
Josh Bush: KngHil, lossing some btc is also part of life, infact , i lost alot more btc that what i put in Pony, in last btc leverage trade i did , lol
Qwner: MoZubair, off course not
Gingersnap: i Love WOW
Yolohugecr4ftrxD: holy smokes bicoin just powerd up !
Borbory Kelvin: tomorrow yoda pump 4x .Ready for that
heanof: prepare for some crazy climb lol
Rosahefa: , zzzz²²²
Hijomih56456: bahasaket, :D true
Eqopy: tomorrow news about virus gets worse and the crash continues..
Skymurai Bosh: okay
Enursin: Dont have a Chance With WOW 1000 Sat again
Gingersnap: Friends don't forget AzBit, this Token will have some good news
Qushen orint: Don't listen too much to TV channels, as they are paid to make us scared.
Eqopy: Instead, just a little more and golden opportunities await.
Highbeam 444: Six months from here, all will be allright.
Liripoop: yoda and alisa pump same time
Jumek: masterbd, YODA will drop to 100 sat tonight : )
Udemiqy: Running out of support at 3, get rid of it while you can. :)
Doofus: hani20980, yes you are right.... but yoda will pump again ... but need some month
Commander: man how far down can it go not so cool lol
Udemiqy: mexico1, down is important, for maximising out future gains.
Mechgun2Pixii: BTC will back to 7100$
Ofypopet: Yo go to 1050 $
Cislunar: YODA crash 120 sat coming lol
untut pacea: Ieo time
Mockkk: Сколько примерно с криптотолка за посты деньги идут?
iqutes: yoda will rise again
Ixotimal: cryptoxyz, rise down prolly
Anime love: Crypto market f up
Enursin47: theyll do another ieo son
alba <3: Alisa dead
Fl3x1e: YODA target 120 sat and ALISA 10 sat lol
Josh Bush: bear market..when over?
Hobex: comingwealth, may
FmpectionKvetch: BTC 8800$ lol
Par Potter: hani20980, game over
Bugaboo: good buying opportunity
Cislunar: BTC hard bull now
Greed: crash YODA
Xupyh: Door is opened to grab!
Ahipunyc: yoda huele a mierda